Environmental Engineering

To build or renovate for the long-term, you have to know the environmental factors at hand and engineer around them to suit your needs. TD2’s professional expertise is robust in environmental engineering services that include water, wastewater, stormwater, solid waste, groundwater, and environmental site assessments.

Through years of working on thousands of environmental engineering projects, we have developed strong, respectful relationships with environmental professionals – all to serve the needs of our valued clients, most with very large, critically important projects that must meet regulatory compliance standards related to wetlands, hydrogeology, wastewater treatment, and hazardous waste management.

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Our services include:

  • Water related services including water supply, transmission, storage, distribution, treatment, and pumping stations
  • Wastewater related services including design and construction administration services for sanitary lagoons, collection systems, onsite treatment systems, outfall sewers, pumping stations, sludge disposal, studies, and technical consultation to sewer authorities
  • Stormwater related services including design and construction administration services for collection systems, sediment and erosion control, drainageway modifications, regulatory agency permits, and best management practices plans
  • Solid waste related services including landfill planning, permitting, design and construction administration, closure, leachate collection and management systems, and regulatory compliance assistance
  • Groundwater related services including groundwater supply development, monitoring programs, monitoring well construction, statistical analysis of results, RBCA Tier 1 investigations for leaking underground storage tank sites, remediation systems, and technical consultation to real estate professionals
  • Environmental site assessments including ASTM Phase I and Phase II reports and technical review of reports provided to real estate professionals

Land Surveys

The most impressive buildings, communities, business centers and private property improvements all start with land surveys.

Geotechnical Engineering

TD2 offers subsurface soil sampling, testing, reporting, and more

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