Land Surveys

The most impressive buildings, communities, business centers and private property improvements all start with land surveys. Land surveys are critically important as they inform about the literal lay of the land and how to assure it will be ready to stand as the foundation for your perfect project.

TD2 is an expert at land surveys and all they entail. Our dedicated, professional team is led by principal Chris Dorner. The TD2 land survey team assures a timely, thorough report for your project. We use the latest GPS and computer technology available to inform your report and make sure architects and building contractors know how to work with the land for optimum outcomes.

To learn more about the TD2 land survey process and the projects we’ve supported, contact us today.

Our services include:

  • Construction Staking and Monitoring
  • As-built Surveys
  • ALTA/NSPS Surveys
  • Surveyor’s Certificates
  • Elevation Certificates
  • Letters of Map Amendment (LOMA)
  • Drone Surveys
  • Letters of Map Revision Based on Fill (LOMR-F)
  • Preliminary and Final Plats
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Administrative Subdivisions

Civil Engineering

When it comes to civil engineering expertise in the Midwest, no one has more to offer your project than TD2.

Geotechnical Engineering

TD2 offers subsurface soil sampling, testing, reporting, and more

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