Things 2 Come

Check out these cool new projects in process!

Antler View, SID No. 569 & Antler View East

Antler View and Antler View East developments are on 180 acres. With the success of Indian Pointe, directly across West Maple, the timing was right in to pull the trigger on development bringing commercial services and multi-family housing to the expanding metro.

services provided by TD2: Coordinating Professional, overall site development, Sanitary and Improvement District | land survey | Civil (planning, sewers, paving, culverts, utility coordination) | geotechnical (soils exploration) | construction materials testing/special Inspections

Image Credit: 3D site model courtesy of Studio 951. Aerial photographs: C41 Photography.

84th St. Corridor

84th St. Corridor, La Vista, NE Map/Directions

It isn’t often an established city has an opportunity to design a new downtown. TD2 is providing a range of services in these three La Vista projects to watch in 2020. 1. Civic Center Park. 2. La Vista Placemaking. 3. La Vista City Centre – North & South Residential Buildings. It’s an exciting time for the city, as they create a vibrant city core that includes a 4-acre lake and park, an indoor/outdoor music center, appartments, retail, and spectacular skywalks at its core.

services provided by TD2: land survey | civil, geotechnical, and structural engineering | construction materials testing and special inspections.

Photo Credit: Photos courtesy of the City of La Vista.

Civil Engineering

When it comes to civil engineering expertise in the Midwest, no one has more to offer your project than TD2.

Structural Engineering

The bones of any structure need to be healthy and strong to support it for the long haul.